Majority of US Commuter Railroads Will Not Meet New Safety Requirements | The Guardian | US

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Americas Hard Network. Unlike the virtual world this is the real world network. Roads and railways.

This answers some of the crazy questions I've heard and thought about concerning the railroad work in so many locations. -Chad

Fewer than a third of America’s commuter railroads will meet a looming deadline to install safety equipment that could prevent derailments, it has emerged during a hearing into the deaths of eight passengers outside Philadelphia last month.

The deadly Amtrak crash, apparently caused when the train hit a bend at more than twice the 50mph speed limit, has refocused attention on automated control technology designed to override drivers in such situations.

But amid wider wrangling in Washington over who should pay for updating creaking US transport infrastructure, Congress is instead now considering extending the December 2015 deadline for implementing the technology by up to five years.

During a hearing on Wednesday, the Federal Railroad Administration also refused to specify what sanctions it would take against operators who failed to comply with the existing deadline – reticence that angered some members of the Senate commerce committee.

“There is nothing new or novel about these accidents ... there is nothing new or novel about this [safety] technology. What we are seeing here is a failure of will.”