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Hello LOCAL Small Business...

You now have the opportunity to influence the buyer’s decision right at the moment they find you!!!

This is an incredible opportunity. You can help them choose your business right at the moment they're considering your closest competitor!

If you haven’t heard of *Google Posts, that's okay. There is a huge audience who are already searching for your store, shop, firm, practice or organization! Google Posts is "social proof" you're staying up to date or current with *Your Business...

They see you and your competition, but what they don’t see is a reason to choose your business over someone else’s. *Google Posts give you the opportunity to put your best offers forward and trigger the buyer to gravitate towards your company.


If you’re not active in this space, you run the dangerous risk of pushing clients, customers, patients, patrons or volunteers right to that other business down the block! *This really is a key to gaining & "retaining" business or support.


=> Why you would willingly throw this volume of business away is a bit of a mystery! However, if you’re ready to tap into this audience, text me asking about Google Posts. [719.480.8026]

We can go from there.

Kind Regards,

-Chad | iAlbion



P. S.

{These are the basics of how it's done}...

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