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"7 Ways A Video NEWS RELEASE Will Help YOUR COMPANY" & "10 Video NEWS RELEASE Best Practices For Best Results"

Does your business have a new product or service available? Would you like a proven way to attract attention?

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If so, I have GOOD NEWS for any business that wants to share marketing messages in a Really Fun Way!!!


Whether your business is large or small, it's important to portray authority, trust and urgency within your given marketplace. We can help you to do just that with NEWS Style VIDEOS...

  • *There's no lengthy production times or expensive costs involved with shooting and editing a video for your business.

- Our online video service takes a fraction of the time and cost of standard business video services.

  • *We can even help distribute your new video news release to Local and National outlets as well as Social Media Channels that Target Your Audience.
  • *We could help you increase the response rate of your press releases and marketing messages at a price that you’ll love.

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