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Near Sighted In The Physical – Far Sighted In The Spiritual…

This is really just a title...

But here's some pictures (they take you places)..... 

Distance Vision Calibration
Distance Vision Calibration
Long Term Insight Algorithms
Long Term Insight Algorithms


Near Sighted Here
Near Sighted Here

The Players “Out of This World”, The Revolving Door & How THE History Repeats Itself…

I'm using this unofficial trailer as an idea for an article and possibly a theme for iA (It's like brainstorming)!...


-CiAPPAS Manifesto [New link will go HERE]


Bitcoin Advertising/Advertising Paying with Bitcoin

I was originally going to keep this as a draft, but digital currency is growing and changing so fast I thought I  better share in real time.

The title says it all and basically what I've done is a few google searches looking for advertising using bitcoin to pay. 

The reason I'm doing this is because out of a few mining sites I have the most confidence in . I've purchased a few mining contracts and will probably use the returns to advertise. But the cool thing will be to automate this process and scale it up. That's the idea.

The following are just basic google searches and this is not an article, just sharing...

best cheapest advertising paying with bitcoin.

bitcoin advertising paying with bitcoin under $1.

Top 7 Bitcoin Ad Networks for Advertisers and Webmasters



Bitcoin Investment Vehicle Adopts Open Strategy Ahead of Blockchain Fork


Moldova Is A Beautiful Place With Echos From The Past

From (Around) Russia With Love...

Chisinau is The Capital of Moldova and though it may be the poorest country in Europe, it's an excellent place to visit and get a buzz (wine is their main export and business activity). It's a very different, unique place with loud echos from the past. In real recent years thousands have moved to the country from around Russia.

Moldova: Stepping Back in Time

Moldovan Citizenship!?!? Maybe...